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“All you have is all you need,” is the life lesson entrepreneur Mignon François learned as she turned the $5 she had to feed her family dinner for the week into a multi-million-dollar bakery brand. With no experience and no recipe for success, nor cake for that matter, her path was truly made from scratch. 

“I started with none of the things you need to succeed in an industry known for failure, but I started with what I had—an early morning wake-up warning from God to choose life,” she explains.

Today, her mission is to spread joy by offering a bit of wisdom gleaned from her life experiences, both positive and negative. 

In Made from Scratch: Finding Success Without a Recipe, Mignon shares her story of climbing out of a life of continuous upsets, struggle, and lack to building a legacy that would bless her and future generations.

Made from Scratch is one woman’s story of finding success with no presets in place, mapping a journey that led to the joy that has become synonymous with Mignon François.

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Mignon François is a speaker, entrepreneur, and community leader who has inspired thousands through her "Follow Your Spirit" approach. After years of drowning in debt and brokenness, Mignon founded The Cupcake Collection in 2008, on the last $5 she had to feed her family dinner for one week and turned it into a legacy with over five million cupcakes sold.

Mignon’s grassroots story of success has garnered national attention from TODAY with Hoda and Jenna, Southern Living, Entrepreneur and Business Insider just to name a few. In addition, her business savvy has earned her numerous titles and awards, including Woman of Legend and Merit, Entrepreneur of the Year, Women's Empowerment Innovator, NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur, and Black Enterprise magazine's Family Business of the Year. 

Today Mignon is committed to teaching anyone who will listen about what they can do if only they believe.

See Why This Book is a Must-Read:
Made from Scratch

“Everyone experiences tough times, but with faith and determination incredible goals can be achieved. Mignon François of The Cupcake Collection has lived this truth firsthand in her amazing journey of courage and resilience. Dive into Made From Scratch to find out how unwavering family values have enabled unimaginable success even when the odds seem stacked against you! Allow yourself to laugh, cry and cheer through a heart-warming story that will leave you inspired towards pursuing your own dreams - just smile like everyone is watching!”

Carla Hall

--Carla Hall; Chef, Author, Media Personality

"Fast, fun and fresh, this book is every bit as enjoyable as one of Mignon's kitchen creations. If you want to be inspired and encouraged, pick this one up!"

Carla Hall

--Jon Acuff; New York Times Bestselling Author of Soundtracks, the Surprising Solution to Overthinking

“François’ Made from Scratch is an honest and extremely relatable collection of stories and lessons learned. It takes the reader on a walk of faith with humor, humility and a huge reminder of God’s promise to His children. Come for the cupcakes, stay for the sprinkles of inspiration and wisdom! No matter where you are in life at the moment, there’s something you can take from Made from Scratch to reinvigorate your relationship with Christ and change the way you see the world for the better!”

Carla Hall

--Anthony O’Neal; Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Mignon Francois truly gives readers the tools they need on the journey to finding success. I think she really captivated readers with her entrepreneur skills to turn five dollars into a multimillion-dollar bakery brand. You can expect to be inspired, motivated, and driven to succeed after reading this book.”

Carla Hall

--Candy Johnson; Urban League of Greater Chattanooga, President/CEO

“Every day, every person is attacked by an underlying doubt that they matter, that life means something, that God sees them, that love could win and that their own personal story will not end in tragedy. Millions of people fight with this doubt daily. Mignon Francois stomped that doubt back into the dirt where it belongs. When you put down this book, you’re going to do a little stomping, too. Light does not exist because we hope it exists, it exists because we make it exist. Made From Scratch reminds us that God did not make us to search for light, He made us to reflect His light. This book shines bright.”

Carla Hall

--Donald Miller; CEO Business Made Simple

Mignon François Talks About
Made from Scratch: Exclusive Interview

For bulk orders and bookstore inquiries, contact bookstore@rhboyd.com.
For press inquiries, contact marketing@rhboyd.com.