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Empowering Youth with Financial Literacy with Courtney Hale

Courtney Hale, Founder and ‘Chief Hope Dealer’ of “Super Money Kids,” shares why he is passionate about serving the youth and his community through financial education.
Tell The Story with R.H. Boyd - Ep2. Courtney Hale

Money is an incredibly valuable resource, but if it is not managed properly, it can become more of a burden than a blessing. After witnessing the effects financial troubles had on his family, Courtney Hale now leads a non-profit organization that seeks to educate and empower the next generation about healthy money habits. 

“I want it to be a place to help build confidence in young people, that they can make plans for their money and make plans for their future and avoiding that era of life that many of us went through when we learned from trial and error,“ he shared.  

In this episode of Tell the Story with R.H. Boyd, Monique Gooch, editor at R.H. Boyd Publishing, talks to Hale about the importance of making financial tools accessible for communities of color and how his organization focuses on giving kids the knowledge to build their own futures.  

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The genesis of “Super Money Kids”

While reconciling the events that took place in his childhood, Hale observed an eye-opening situation. Many families, especially families of color, lack the training and education needed to turn their dreams into reality. Hale searched for probable solutions but soon realized that he was called to create one. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to instill confidence in the youth to use their money in a way that helps them accomplish their future endeavors.

In August of 2018, Hale created “Super Money Kids,” a non-profit that addresses the issue of limited financial literacy by educating the youth about how to properly manage their money and invest in their futures.  

“What I wanted to do was create an experience for families, not just for the child but for the parents and the adults in the household as well,” Hale explained. “I wanted it to be educational. I wanted it to serve as a visual reminder that your future matters and what you do with your money matters.”

Navigating the highs and lows of life as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are no stranger to the perils that life can bring. Recently, Hale became a single father after his wife passed away and now he’s learning how to manage this new and unexpected season. 

He and his wife invested so much time, effort, and passion into “Super Money Kids” so one would assume that Hale would feel more motivated now more than ever to keep his wife’s legacy alive by growing the brand. However, Hale admitted that the pain that accompanies grief can be challenging, but his wife’s belief in him coupled with the call that God has placed on his life to do this work keeps him going. 

“And I truly believe that my destiny was to be here, to help people have conversations about money with their families and with their children to create a level of hope that just hasn't existed before. And, you know, when you feel like you got that type of calling on your life, it doesn't matter how bad you hurt or what you're going through, you gotta keep going.”

Amidst the hurt, Hale and his daughter, Ever, received a rainbow moment. In 2021, the producers from The Ellen Show contacted Hale to share his story and brand on live TV.

His daughter shined in front of the cameras and he was grateful for the opportunity to expose his brand to more of the youth around the country.

Introducing the youth to the world of personal finance

As a former wealth manager in financial services, Hale strongly believes we should start learning about finances in our younger years. 

“I always felt like there should be something before this. Like there should be some type of education about money before you go and apply for a mortgage. There should be some type of training before you are contributing money into your retirement account.”

To fill this gap, “Super Money Kids” also provides curriculum centered around a three money habits approach: the save bank, the spend bank, and the share bank. By implementing the curriculum in schools, students are exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and they learn how to set savvy money goals. 

Hale hopes his story will continue to shape the conversations current and future  generations will have about using money responsibly and dreaming big about their futures. 

“And that's what the super money kid bank means. It's about education. It's about new experiences, new opportunity, and a visual reminder for young people, you know, to plan for your money in a way that aligns with your personal goals.”

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