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Dr. T. B. Boyd III

Dr. T. B. Boyd III

“It is a day of peace, a day of tranquility, a day of progress, and a day of recommitment to the very principles our forefathers laid down before us. Although the mantel has fallen on my shoulders, I will not let it hit the ground.”
— Dr. T. B. Boyd III

In April 1979, Dr. T. B. Boyd, Jr. passed away, and his eldest son, Dr. T. B. Boyd III, was appointed by the Board to assume command of the institution. Dr. Boyd III, began to lead with unsurpassed vigor and devotion, and the NBPB and the Congress began to grow at a phenomenal rate. Dr. Boyd grew up in the company, working throughout high school and college. Upon graduating from Tennessee State University, Dr. Boyd began working full time as the personnel director, working his way up through the company to gain a full understanding of all processes.

Dr. Boyd focused on growth and innovation. One of his first major task included designing and building the new corporate headquarters, completed in 1974, fully equipped with the latest technology, production mechanisms, and safety measures. One of his most notable successes was the launch of the New National Baptist Hymnal, 21st Century Edition. This Hymnal is still one of the most iconic product offerings at the company. With more than 20,000 people attending the annual Congresses in the 1980s, Dr. T. B. Boyd III inspired an innovative dimension

of the Congress structure—the Youth Congress Division— designed for children, youth, and young adults, ages 4 through 24. The Youth Congress includes two dynamic ministries: youth drill teams and dance ministry. Both of these ministries are designed to enhance the Church’s spiritual growth and development of its younger generation.

“Children are our greatest asset and our most important investment. We must prioritize and make sure that our children are our number one priority. We have no greater resource than our youth, no greater task than the orientation of molding of the young people.”
—Dr. T. B. Boyd III

His commitment to youth and education was continued with the founding of the Boyd Family Endowment Fund, which provides scholarships and grants to students and community organizations. Dr. Boyd is also one of the founding visionaries and board member of the new National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) in Nashville, TN, as well as a founding major donor for the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in Washington, D.C.’s Smithsonian Institute. The Boyd Family, R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation, and Citizens Bank have exhibits in both NMAAM and NMAAHC.

Dr. Boyd is civically engaged, and his affiliations include Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity, Inc., Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Chairman Emeritus of Citizens Bank, and the former Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Meharry Medical College. He is a locally and nationally recognized leader and speaker.

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