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The Bearer of Bad News - March 28, 2021

Join us as Steve Puckett presents this week’s lesson entitled The Bearer of Bad News. The lesson comes from the Adult Christian Life text, and the scriptural reference is 1 Kings 18:5-18. In this week's lesson, the Lord caused a drought for three years by the words of Elijah, making him the bearer of bad news. As we teach God's truth as Christians, many people can see us in a similar light. But Elijah feared no one but God and spoke His Word regardless of consequence.

To follow along with the lesson, download your copy of Adult Christian Life HERE from the Kindle Store.

by Elizabeth Brown on April 02, 2021

Great explanation. Awesome Bible lesson.

by Bruce Scott on March 28, 2021

Great lesson. Thank you for providing such a wonderful and great service to us. We appreciate it!

by Susan on March 28, 2021

Being a BOLD witness to the Good News of God’s Saving Grace may make us troublers, but when we are doing what God has assigned us to do we are showing the world that sometimes we have to make “good trouble”.


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