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Showing Generous Hospitality - February 28, 2021

Join us as LaDonna Boyd presents this week’s lesson entitled Showing Generous Hospitality. The lesson comes from the Adult Christian Life text, and the scriptural references are Acts 16 and 1 Corinthians 1. We usually do not associate hospitality with an expression of faith; however, this week’s lesson shows how simple acts of being hospitable placed Lydia in the position of empowering the expansion of the church.

To follow along with the lesson, download your copy of Adult Christian Life HERE from the Kindle Store.

by Boykin on March 01, 2021

Thank you Sister Donna and RH Boyd. I really enjoy and appreciate these lessons.

by Vickey Hill on March 01, 2021

This weeks lesson is very thought provoking. My aunt, sister and I have been studying the adult curriculum for about a month. We have enjoyed that the women and their great works have been highlighted.

by Donald Henderson on February 28, 2021

Powerful teaching,Thanks for the reminder about hospitality.


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