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Our House - October 24, 2021

Join us as Dr. LaDonna Boyd presents this week’s lesson entitled Our House. The lesson comes from the Adult Christian Life book, and the scriptural reference is Psalm 84. This week we learn that God desires for us to yearn for Him and long for Him above everything and everyone else. While we may not be able to live in the house of worship as the psalmist, we can be amongst those who long to be in His presence con­tinually.

To follow along with the lesson, download your copy of Adult Christian Life HERE from the Kindle Store.

by Jerrievelyn T Smith-Cavalier on October 25, 2021

This week’s lesson was so inspiring! It really opened my eyes and my heart to going into God’s House being spiritually prepared to expect His presence. Also, How we should have respect for His House, it is His Holy Temple! Be exceedingly glad to be there! Thank you Dr. L. Boyd for your weekly overview of the lessons, I truly appreciate each of the overviews. I love the way you break the lesson down so that it is easy to understand. Thanks again! Please keep up the EXCELLENT WORK! May God forever Bless You!

by Sharon P Busbee on October 24, 2021

I learned so much from today lesson out of last 60 years of life I really was going to church in the wrong way but reading today lesson I understand now!!

by ORLANDO MCREYNOLDS on October 24, 2021

Bless U!

by Catherine Bruce on October 24, 2021

It very good. Thank you.


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