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Lessons for November 2022

Dr. LaDonna Boyd presents the lessons from the Adult Christian Life and Master Teacher books for Unit II of the Fourth Quarter 2022 Curriculum covering the month of November.

Unit II is entitled “We Are God’s Artwork.” This four-lesson study of focuses on the book of Ephesians. The unit title comes from Ephesians 2:10. In several translations of Ephesians 2:10, the Greek phrase reads “we are God’s workmanship” but The New Jerusalem Bible begins verse 10, “We are God’s work of art.” It draws out a unique perspective on the way God has created us.

To follow along with the lesson, download your copy of Master Teacher HERE from the Kindle Store.

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by Michelle Faseru on December 31, 2022

Does your Youth Curriculum follow the same lessons as the Adults?

Thank you.

Sister Michelle Faseru

by Carolyn Maryin on December 31, 2022

Really enjoy the lessons. Thanks


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