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Lessons for March 2023

Dr. LaDonna Boyd presents the latest curriculum video for March 2023 featuring lessons from Adult Christian Life and Master Teacher books! This lesson series is entitled “Called from the Margins of Society,” and it utilizes passages from the four Gospels to emphasize that God can bring us restoration.  
These four lessons for the month of March highlight accounts where Jesus disregards artificial societal barriers, choosing instead to reach people on the margins. The lesson for March 5, from Luke examines Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, who was restored to a place of honor in his father’s home despite his indulgence in life’s pleasure that left him destitute.  In the lesson for March 12, drawn from Matthew, Jesus turns society’s preferences upside-down as he declares childlike curiosity as “greatest.” The lesson for March 19, from John’s Gospel, examines Jesus’ encounter with an outcast Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. Lastly, the lesson for March 26 explores Jesus’ healing of a man possessed by a legion of demons in the Gospel of Mark. 


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