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Lessons for January 2023

Dr. LaDonna Boyd presents the lessons from the Adult Christian Life and Master Teacher books for Unit I of the First Quarter 2023 Curriculum covering the month of January.

Unit I of the first quarter of 2023 is entitled “God’s Promises,” and it contains five lessons from 2 Chronicles, Isaiah, and Joel that remind us that we can trust God to keep His Word. In Lesson 1, as Solomon’s Temple is being dedicated in 2 Chronicles, God promises to hear from heaven and forgive the people in response to their prayers of repentance. The next three lessons are from Isaiah. Lesson 2 is the celebrated passage that proclaims God’s people are waterproof and fireproof because of God’s promised protection. Lesson 3 speaks to an obstinate people whose future God knows and declares. Lesson 4 from Isaiah contrasts ritual performance with true penitence coupled with acts of justice. The unit concludes with Lesson 5 as the prophet Joel declares God’s prom­ise to be present and restore the chosen people after a time of distress.

To follow along with the lesson, download your free copy of the first week lesson HERE.

by author braddy on January 23, 2023

i teach sunday school. trying to get get any info pertaining to the lesson

by Ashley White-Whittington on January 23, 2023

Great lesson


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