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First Quarter 2022, Unit III - Liberating Passover Part II

Join us as Dr. LaDonna Boyd presents Part 2 from First Quarter 2022 Unit III, Liberating Passover. The lesson comes from the Adult Christian Life and Master Teacher books and focuses on passages from Deuteronomy and Ezra. This video will cover the lessons for the weeks of March 20 and 27, 2022. 
These lessons explore Israel's loss due to their unwillingness to obey God and their redemption after being humbled, as well as their celebration after successfully following God's direction by rebuilding the temple.

To follow along with the lesson, download your copy of Adult Christian Life HERE from the Kindle Store.

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by Carolyn Martin on March 21, 2022

I am enjoying the Sunday school lessons well. Is it possible to post these lessons on a Saturday evening or early Sunday morning?


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