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Back to Basics - June 26, 2022

Follow along as Dr. LaDonna Boyd presents the June 26, 2022 Curriculum Lesson entitled Back to Basics from the Adult Christian Life book. The scripture passage is Isaiah 51. In this lesson, Isaiah addressed the people who sought the Lord and were committed to live according to the standards of being God’s chosen people. They were to keep His commandments and laws and were encouraged by faith. Let us always value the importance of remaining in the Word.

To follow along with the lesson, download your copy of Master Teacher HERE from the Kindle Store.

by Jerrievelyn T Smith-Cavalier on June 28, 2022

Good Morning!!
Thank you for the lesson video you post every week. It is a major part of my Bible studies. And, it helps me to be ready for our Sunday School Lesson. Sometimes just reading the lesson doesn’t sink in as much as I would like it to. However, when I see your video it fully makes it clearer for me.
Please keep doing what you’re doing It Blesses me tremendously!
Thank you Again!
Sis Jerri Cavalier
First Baptist Church of Verrett

PS. Please release the videos on Saturday instead of Sunday! Sometimes I don’t get to see the video until after I come from church. It does not post until after service. Thank you, May God Continue to BLESS YOU!

by Elizabeth Gadson on July 01, 2022

Very good views. Our Sunday school uses your books.

by Elizabeth Gadson on June 28, 2022

Very good views. Our Sunday school uses your books.

by Louretha M Pillow on June 28, 2022

Thank you for your weekly Sunday school lessons

by Pastor Leroy D. Evans Jr on June 28, 2022

Thanks for sharing and the perspective on this book. We are blessed and comforted by the words of the Phrophet Isaiah


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