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Lessons for May 2024



The May lessons are collectively titled, “Standing in the Faith,” and the four lessons are drawn from the book of Romans. These lessons weave a narrative of faith, humility, endurance, and evangelism, forming the foundation of Christian teachings on righteousness and salvation.


The first lesson “No Need to Boast,” it explores the Christian principle of humility, emphasizing that boasting in one's own works is unnecessary because justification comes through faith. The second lesson “For Our Sake,” expands on this theme, illustrating how faith, rather than deeds, brings righteousness, using Abraham's faith as a prime example. Lesson three “Remaining Strong,” shifts to endurance and resilience, teaching believers to find strength and hope in challenging times through their faith. Lesson four “Hearing and Believing,” stresses the importance of both hearing and believing in the Gospel, urging followers to spread the message of salvation to all. These lessons together form a comprehensive narrative of faith, humility, endurance, and evangelism, essential pillars of Christian doctrine and practice.


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