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Lessons for March 2024


The March lessons are collectively entitled, “Faith-full VS Faith-less,” and there are five lessons drawn from the books of Jude, 2 Corinthians, 1 Peter, Acts, and Mark. As we review learning about faith, we explore the fullness of faith as a response to God’s desire to be in relationship with us.

The first lesson, “Sustaining Our Faith,” encourages believers to persevere in faith, holding fast to God’s truth amidst challenges, while reminding them of God's power to keep them secure and present them blameless before Him. The second lesson, “Testing Our Faith,” urges self-examination among believers, emphasizing the need to test one's faith and repentance, while also advocating for unity, restoration, and living in peace with one another. Lesson three, “Defending Our Faith,” emphasizes living in harmony, showing compassion, and responding to persecution with gentleness and respect, while urging believers to stand firm in their faith, trusting in God’s protection and righteousness. Lesson four, “Living in Faith,” illustrates the growth of the early church through the Spirit's empowerment of dedicated leaders and highlights the opposition faced by Stephen due to his unwavering proclamation of the Gospel, foreshadowing the broader persecution faced by the early Christians. It’s Easter Sunday! We celebrate this day, knowing that Jesus rose just like He said He would! It is a day to remember that He is living, and He is with us. It is a day to celebrate His victory over death and the power of His resurrection. The fifth lesson, “The Resurrection: Key to Faith,” depicts the discovery of Jesus’ empty tomb by the women, followed by the angel’s announcement of Christ's resurrection, conveying the pivotal moment of hope and awe in the Gospel narrative. The passage ends with the women fleeing in fear, leaving readers to ponder the profound mystery and transformative power of Jesus’ resurrection.




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