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Lessons for June 2024


The June lessons are collectively titled, “Experiencing Hope,” and the five lessons are drawn from the books of Colossians, 2 Corinthians, Romans, Hebrews, and Acts. These lessons reinforce that hope and trust in God can sustain us through suffering, transform our lives, foster unity, and provide a secure foundation in God’s unchanging promises.


The first lesson “Hope amidst Suffering,” teaches us that enduring suffering with faith can reveal God's greater purpose and bring hope to others. The second lesson “Reflecting God’s Spirit,” encourages us to embrace the freedom and transformation that come from living by the Spirit, reflecting God's glory. Lesson three “Hope amidst Differences,” underscores that hope and encouragement come from God, helping us to live in unity despite our differences. Lesson four “God Is Trustworthy,” reminds us that God's faithfulness and promises are unchanging, providing a firm foundation for our trust. Lesson five “Hope In God Transforms Us,” highlights that no matter one's past, hope in God can lead to a radical and positive transformation.


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