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Lessons for July 2024



The July lessons are collectively titled, “Expressing Hope,” and the four lessons are drawn from the books of Lamentations and Psalms. These scriptures highlight the profound hope and redemption found in God.


The first lesson, “Hope Comes in the Morning,” teaches that, despite our sufferings, God’s unwavering love and faithfulness renews our hope each morning. The second lesson, “God Is Faithful,” reassures us of God’s reliability and strength, serving as our refuge in distress. Lesson three, “God’s Word Brings Hope,” underscores that God’s word is a constant source of hope and guidance, shaping and supporting us through trials. Lesson four, “God Redeems Us,” emphasizes God’s redemptive power, offering forgiveness and steadfast love.


Together, these passages reinforce that in every circumstance, God’s faithfulness and word provide us with hope and redemption.



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