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Lessons for January 2024

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As we begin our New Year and our new Curriculum let us continue to not only learn about faith but practice our faith daily.


The January lessons are collectively entitled, “Learning About Faith” and there are four lessons drawn from the books of Hebrews, Proverbs, 2 Chronicles and Romans. As we review learning about faith, we examine faith as a response to God’s desire to be in a relationship with us.


In the first lesson, we learn about Faith and Righteousness. When God’s righteous people live by faith, their preservation is guaranteed. This is a reminder that faith is an important part of living a life that is pleasing to God. In the second lesson, we learn about Faith and Trust. A father encourages his son to trust in the Lord with all his heart, to ensure his survival and overall success. The father also emphasizes the importance of having faith and trust in the Lord’s plan. In the third lesson, we learn about Faith and Encouragement. It provides a clear example of how faith has the power to overcome fear. We should trust in God’s plan and believe that all things are possible with God. In the fourth lesson, we learn about Faith and Transformation. According to God’s favor, each of us has been given divinely inspired gifts that are meant to complement the measure of our faith.


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