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Lessons for February 2024


The February lessons are collectively entitled, “The Righteous Live by Faith” and there are four lessons drawn from the books of Isaiah, Daniel, and Habakkuk. As we review learning about faith, we explore the fullness of faith as a response to God’s desire to be in relationship with us.


In the first lesson, we learn about Faith in the Power of God. God is the Creator of the world. He gives power to the faint and increases power to the powerless. He is everlasting and eternal. In the second lesson, we learn about Faith amidst the Fiery Furnace. The three Hebrew boys had faith in God and God delivered them. In the third lesson, we learn about Faith in Times of Trouble. There is value in and power in prayer.  God will always answer prayers, just like He did with Daniel. In the fourth lesson, we learn about Faith in God’s Purpose. Faith is needed for us to have a relationship with Him. He will show you His Word is true.



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