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Lessons for April 2024



The April lessons are collectively titled, “The Measure of Faith,” and the four lessons are drawn from the books of Luke and Matthew. In these biblical passages, we encounter various instances where individuals demonstrate compassion, faith, and kindness toward others.


In the first lesson, we learn about “Helping a Friend in Need.” We witness the powerful act of friendship and faith as friends bring a paralyzed man to Jesus, demonstrating their unwavering belief in his ability to heal. The second lesson, we learn about “Faith of a Centurion.” This showcases the humility and profound faith of a Roman centurion, who displays remarkable trust in Jesus’ authority to heal his servant from a distance. Lesson three, the title is “How Much Do You Love Me?” This highlights the transformative power of forgiveness and love as a sinful woman expresses her love for Jesus through anointing His feet with costly oil, and Jesus extends forgiveness and salvation to her. In lesson four, we learn about “Help for an Outsider.” We witness Jesus’ compassion transcending cultural boundaries as He heals the daughter of a Canaanite woman, emphasizing the inclusivity of God’s love and grace. These narratives teach us valuable lessons about the importance of faith, compassion, and inclusion in our relationships with others, encouraging us to emulate Jesus’ example of love and kindness toward all.


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